Tax controversy

In their struggle to secure and increase tax revenues, tax authorities are getting more rigorous in their tax audits and investigations while it happens that due to the complex regulations and different interpretations taxpayers, although making their best efforts to comply with all requirements, are not able to meet all legislative requirements.

In the case of tax authority audits, for successful outcome, taxpayers need to take the necessary steps in time, communicate with the tax office in appropriate ways and through properly designed strategies. Applying well-developed tax argumentation is of decisive importance. This, however, requires specific technical knowledge and experiences. Involving a tax professional into such procedures may result in faster closure of the audit and significant reduction in tax consequences and procedural costs.

Our services

  • Estimation of the chances, consequences and costs of the dispute with tax authorities
  • Development of tax argumentation and strategy to be used during the tax procedure
  • Preparation of submissions to the tax authority (declarations, observations to minutes of tax audits, requests for guidelines, appeals, etc.)
  • Representation in tax procedures

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